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8 cool tricks Google hides that will surprise you!

Written by: Jerom

This time we're going to switch things up and have some fun with this post. I think we can all agree that Google, although an internet giant, is certainly not a conventional company. The search engine thinks first about the users and does everything possible so that we have the best experience. Speaking of experience, Google also has a "dark", but fun side. Today I want to share 8 cool tricks that Google hides among its 45 billion pages they index each day.


Remember Packman?

If you like the entertaining Arcade game, Pacman, you just need to write in the search box “play pacman doodle” and it will open a window with the infamous game personalised with Google's logo. You can make the game full screen by clicking on the first search result entitled Pacman Doodle - Google.

pacman trucos que google esconde

Remember the mythical Loch Ness Monster?

Well Google will surprise you with this controversial topic. In fact, it made me laugh. If you go to Google Maps and type in the search box, "Loch Ness" you'll notice that the little icon of a yellow person that lets you view streets through Google Street, turns into a nice little tiny Loch Ness Monster.

loch ness trucos que google esconde

Make the dinosaur jump!

I'm sure you've lost your Internet connection a time or two and waited for the connection to come back. If you use the Chrome navigator, then when you lose connection you'll see a grey screen with the message "There is no internet connection" and just above this message you'll see a little pixelised T-Rex dinosaur. Let me tell you that this unfortunate alert hides a fun little game. You just have to press the space bar and the T-Rex will start to run. The game consists of making the dinosaur jump over the cacti. Hehe Try it!

sin conexion trucos que google esconde

Do you like guitar?

Well now with Google you can even record small pieces. Simply search "play guitar doodle" and the first search result will take you to the doodle Google published in commemoration of the birth of Les Paul for his 96th birthday. The doodle is an interpretation of the name Google, but with guitar strings instead. If you move the mouse over the strings they start playing. You even have a button that lets you record short guitar riffs in this clever Google guitar.

play guitar trucos que google esconde

Atari Breakout

Going back to classic Arcade games, this is a really cool one. It looks like there are fans of Atari. in the Google development team. They developed a version of Atari Breakout but with a Google inspired theme. Just search “atari breakout” from Google Images and it will immediately turn the images into the playing field. The time has come to show off your Arcade skills.

atari breakout trucos que google esconde

Do a barrel roll

Let's spin the Google search results. This is more of a trick to share with your friends than a game, but it had to be on this list. If you write in the search box, “do a barrel roll” the screen spins 360°. Try it!

do a barrel roll trucos que google esconde

Discover the world of Zerg Rush

Here Google goes wild with this hidden game. If you type “Zerg Rush” in the search box, Google starts to launch the letter "o" in red and yellow that start hitting the search results thus destroying them. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to defend the search results from the claws of ZertRush, eliminating the "o"s one by one, by clicking on them with the mouse as fast as you can before they vanish all the search results on your screen.

como se juega Zerg Rush

Use the force Luke

If you need to fill yourself with power from the force of the Jedi, Youtube makes it easy. In this case, go to Youtube and write in the search box, “use the force luke”. You'll see what happens.

Use the force Luke simpáticos trucos que google esconde



I hope that this time you had some fun for a few moments with these cool tricks Google hides from us. If you know of or find any more, please, share it with us in the comments so we can all have some fun as well.

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