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Best ways to boost online shop sales

Written by: Monica McCoy

Managing an online shop that stands out from the rest and converts visitors to clients can be a daunting task.  That's why we're going to talk about the best ways to boost online shop sal.

It's actually very tedious to ensure that the browsing experience captures attention or positively impacts the visitor to achieve the results we're aiming for.  An e-commerce is more than just a pretty, optimised site. It's also not just a place to showcase products.

The ultimate purpose of good e-commerce management is to achieve profitability to justify investment and dedication. And, where possible, represent a scalable business model.

So, if the goal is to achieve more revenue from your e-commerce there are two ways:

  1. Boost turnover
  2. Achieve greater profit margin

Of course, you have to be able to understand the particularities of the business and the characteristics of your ideal audience.

In this article we will talk about the best ways to boost online shop sales for your e-commerce in each transaction.

Average shopping cart or average ticket

First, let's define what is an average shopping cart:

An average shopping cart is the average of what customers spend on each purchase. It depends on many factors and, in essence, is comparable to a physical store.

In each online sale purchase the client generates a handling of the product, the preparation of the packaging and the transport. Resources that, in general, are indifferent to the value of the transaction. Let's see an example:

The purchase of a book that provokes a series of actions:

Someone takes it from the warehouse stock, packages it, adds the label with the shipping information and notifies the transport. This is added to automated tasks such as payment confirmation, shipment confirmation and tracking. The whole process is an investment of energy and resources indifferent to the number of products sold.

So, boosting the average shopping cart means improving the conversion rate of your e-commerce. And a higher average ticket helps cushion the cost of shipping.

You can achieve this with sales techniques that increase the value of the transaction. Know the average value of your basket.

From Google Analytics you can get the average value. Go to "Conversions" "E-commerce" "Overview".

5 e-commerce tips to boost your online shop sales

1) Free shipping for minimum orders

A technique widely used in e-commerce. It encourages the user to complete their basket up to a minimum of expense in exchange for free shipping.

In this case, evaluate the packaging alternatives with the transport agencies and calculate the best option until reaching the maximum for the same price. Include a plugin that indicates how much the client needs to access the free transport.

Free shipping works and is a good option to increase sales and loyalty opportunities. An interesting variant is to include free shipping costs on those products with greater profitability or when the stock rotation is necessary.

2) Cross-selling

Cross-selling is an automatic suggestion to purchase a complementary product to the one chosen by the user.

Sometimes the suggestion is determined by the same online store and in others includes examples of other buyers. This last case is how Amazon manages it with the classic "Customers who have bought this product too" or "Sponsored products related to this product".

Cross-selling completes the shopping cart. The client feels grateful because it shows him options that he hadn't contemplated and that may be useful. He sees it as customer service.

Amazon sales strategy

Recommendation for "Made to Stick"

3) Discounts for packs

We also see this technique in physical stores and in many restaurants. "Hamburger + soft drink + chips" is more common than buying the products separately.

The pack strategy works. In addition to increasing the average ticket you can take the opportunity to push products that are more difficult to sell.

For example, you can apply it in between seasons, for products with a close expiration date, or in products that are close to being obsolete.

4) Discount for minimum orders

There are alternatives to coupons. You can use them with goals such as expanding your database, selling a specific category of products or using a deadline, just to give a few examples.

If what you're looking for is to raise the average price of the ticket, you should use this discount technique. Special discount applied to a minimum purchase of X. Discounts in % usually work better than discounts in currency. For example, a 10% discount on your purchase has better acceptance than 10€ discount on your purchase.

They are perceived as an opportunity for the buyers, encouraging them to increase the purchase price.

How to boost e-commerce sales

Discount for purchases of "L'Occitane"

5) Up-selling: offer a higher end product

Up-selling seeks to replace the original product a user has selected for another one of higher quality and with more benefits.  It's a suggestion that is based on the sales argument, because it offer a greater benefit to the customer. Look for the balance of the original product and value with the right moment in the purchase phase.

In short, when the goal is to increase the value of the average shopping cart of your e-commerce to boost the conversion rate, these 5 techniques are a great start. You can use them individually or combine them according to business objectives, seasonality and the type of product.

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