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Here are the 7 free SEO tools that we use in 021BCN

Written by: Jerom

In my previous post I we talked about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the 10 tips that could help you improve your website ranking (article available only in Spanish).

Today I will talk about the free SEO tools –very cool ones- that allow you to analyze and diagnose your website. They also provide guidelines for establishing the necessary steps to rectify faults, and optimize your website more deeply in terms of functionality and code.

These tools show you an overall image of your digital ecosystem so that you can know where you are standing, and decide from there what strategy to follow. In this post I share a few of the free SEO tools that we use in 021BCN for our Digital Marketing campaigns.

On-page free SEO tools

WordPress SEO by YOAST

This tool is my favorite one. More than a tool it’s a plugin that you can insert in the WordPress of your blog or website. It ́s a guide that helps you to properly manage and place all keywords along your post. It has a verification system under the form of a "checklist"; and as you correctly put the keywords in the required spots the system gives you an "OK".



I ́m using this tool ever since I discover it during my Masters in Digital Marketing. Is the most popular SEO tool today. I like it for its intuitive interface, and above all, because it ́s highly visual. Woorank is a very good starting point for website analysis, it allows you to do a more comprehensive audit focused on the web structure (on page SEO). If you want deeper evaluation and get “customized advice” you need to get the paid version.



Users don ́t like to wait and their biggest enemy is the loading time. Consequently it ́s very important that webs are agile, and also keep in mind that Google benefits those webs that have a good loading time. If you want to know how your site is doing Pingdome offers a speed report of your site, along with a list of the points/areas that are reducing the loading speed so that you can fix them on time.



This tool from Google is free and ideal for controlling the content indexing level in order to increase visibility. Let ́s just say this tool it ́s a mix of On-Page and OFF-Page SEO. It allows you to make different settings such as the frequency level that Google robots index your content, check the site map and robots.txt document, links control, among other things... Also if you have it synchronized to your Google Analytics account you'll have a complete overview with greater control over your website. The platform is in Spanish and has tutorials to help you get started.

OFF-page free SEO tools


Like the ones from above, this free tool also detects potential code failures on your website, gives you an overview of the incoming and outgoing links, lets you know your ranking status, and provides information about your competitors. It also helps you locate sites where it would be to insert links pointing to your site. It has a premium version with a single payment of 70€ approximately, in which among other things gives you interesting information about keywords.



This tool is also focused on the other side of the web (Off-Page SEO). It ́s specializes in backlinks calculation, and very useful to control how many links point and stop pointing to your website. Remember! The more links directed to your site the greater the relevance level that you will have in Google.


In addition, if what you are look for is a professional platform that allows you to: deeply analyze the keywords from your competitors, inform of the status of your online presence; and above all, help you stay ahead of your competition; then this tool is your best choice! No questions asked. You can enjoy a month free trial, and after that if you like it, keep in mind the monthly fee is 55€ approximately. Personally I think it ́s worth it specially considering all the useful data you will get from each report.

Hope you find this information useful!

Until next time.


Write by Jerom Tomàs
Translated By Nathaly Hermida

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