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How to quickly achieve more visits to your website

Written by: Jerom

Google's business model is based on offering the highest quality search results to their audience. What does that mean? It means Google wants to respond to your questions in the most pure and efficient way possible and - if the content they are offering you is closest to what you're looking for - you'll continue using their search engine every time you need to look for something. I am telling you this because today I want to talk about how to rapidly gain more visits for your website.

To give you an idea, the Google algorithms have evolved through the years to the point that Google can offer the best experience and quality in their search results even taking into account your geographical location. If you search for a pizzeria it will recommend the places nearest to you. In other words, it offers the most popular pizzerias in your neighbourhood.

On the other hand, Google wants to be the most "semantic" option possible and in the case that a website's visits spike due to published content on that site, it will consider this to be genuinely interesting, useful or fun content for a specific market niche. So, Google will give that site a boost of visibility in search results so that more people can access the publication that provoked the initial spike in visits.

That said, a simple way to achieve interesting traffic spikes for our posts focused on our target audience is through Facebook.



How can you gain visits to your site quickly? Try Facebook Ads

Directing traffic to your website by using Facebook Ads is a relatively easy way to generate those spikes in traffic that get attention from Google. Still, you should be offering good content to encourage your audience to click on your posts and this way guide them to your site. Not just any content will work.

Not long ago I opened my fanpage to experiment more about Facebook and to be able to share what I learned. On the other hand, the idea of opening my fanpage is also a way to test the content we generate and to guide traffic to our website to provoke a significant and qualitative volume of traffic.

In very little time I have seen how the social traffic has risen and has surpassed the organic traffic of our web in a matter of weeks only by investing literally 1 euro a day in the form of sponsored posts.

The dynamic is simple; we develop content in our site's blog with a frequency of 5 posts per week. We share every publication in our blog in Facebook. In every daily Facebook post, I activate a "Sponsored Post" promotion with 1 euro to target the audience, "People who like your page and their friends". Of the 5 sponsored posts, the one with the most engagements (likes, shares, comments...) is the post for which I invest 5 euro to a new audience segmented according to their interests and geographical location.

The logic is simple, the post that has been liked by most of your fans in your fanpage is the post with the highest probability to be successful with a new audience you'd like to reach.

In terms of results, I am not only looking at the quality of the web traffic, I'm also analysing the increasing participation in Facebook of followers who not only leave comments in my fanpage but who also participate in the blog, browse through the website and look at our services.

Ever since I have been doing this simple exercise, we have received a high volume of new project proposals quickly from our website.

This makes me realise that most businesses tend to promote their content that has less visibility to increase their impact. In my opinion and from my experience, I think it should be the other way around. Invest in content people like the most. How do you know which content this is? Simple. Let your audience decide and you'll know for sure where to invest.

Cómo ganar visitas en tu web rápidamente


That said.

Let's summarise 6 simple steps to rapidly boost traffic to your website from Facebook

  • Research which topics are most relevant to your audience. How? With Buzzsumo you can know which posts are the most shared in social networks and that way you can get an idea of what kind of content to write in your blog.
  • Develop content in your blog keeping in mind the data provided to you by Buzzsumo and also choose the Keyword that is most interesting to your target audience keeping in mind the search results.
  • Once the post has been published in your blog, share it in Facebook as a "Post sponsored"Consider which times of the day are the most effective. With only 1 euro you can see results. By the way, it is not necessary to be publishing every day in your blog to share every day in Facebook. Every one has a different frequency that works best for them, according to their time and availability. If you publish, for example, 2 posts a week in your blog, you can share them several times a week in Facebook by changing the Facebook post description and image. This way you can even test which description or title people like the most.
  • Among the sponsored posts that you have published in Facebook each week, the one with the most engagement, clearly, is the content your fans have liked the most
  • Invest again in the sponsored post and choose an investment amount that you consider opportune to expand and capture new traffic. This will help you capture more fans as well as quality traffic for your site..
  • At the beginning of the next week, start again.


I hope these tips are useful to you.

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