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How can you know what your clients think of your company? Learn to listen to them

Written by: Jerom

Learning what your clients think of your company is key to becoming more efficient and offering a better experience day after day throughout the entire purchasing cycle of your products or services. You must understand that this process doesn't end only in the client acquisition. You must keep in mind that once a user buys a product (once having had the purchasing experience), they continue having a relationship and interaction with that product, and depending on the level of satisfaction, either they will be a return customer, they will recommend you to their friends, or the complete opposite. This is why it is so important to actively listen to your clients.

A few months ago I wrote an entry in this blog where I explain the difference between corporate identity versus corporate imageLet's remember the concept. Corporate image is the perception created by your clients or potential clients created based on their experiences acquired through your business. In other words, it's about how they feel about your business.

That said and returning to the topic of this entry, today I want to talk about how to know what your clients think about your business.

Does the concept of  Online Reputation sound familiar? It's another concept that also directly links corporate image. The difference is that corporate image is your audience's perception and online reputation comes from the attitude and evaluation of your audience. This is why Reputation is the most important asset because it is the result between perception and experience valued by your clients.

reputación online

Before going on, I want to comment on something that is relevant to mention here. The perception clients have of you is closely linked to the corporate identity. So if what you want is to project a professional, trustworthy image and to generate empathy with your target audience, you should have the right communication strategy. For this, you should know your target audience, know what their needs are, where their needs are, analyse your competition and, according to this information, develop an identity that differentiates you and offer value to your potential clients. Surely you've wondered if the quality of your current clients matches your ideal clients. If not, you should rethink your business communication and redirect it to your ideal target audience.

Now then, let's move on from the basics we already have. Communication from any business is always evolving and the simple act of knowing what your clients think of you will give you hints to optimise those details that will make you more competitive and attract an audience that is much more loyal.


3 ways to know what your clients think of your business

One thing we know for sure is that clients like to give their opinion and even more so, they like for you to take their thoughts into consideration. Knowing how to listen to them will give you more hints to enhance the quality of your services and improve the steps within the sales cycle to your clients.

Do direct follow ups with your clients

Depending on the volume of clients you have, direct follow ups offer a great deal of information. If you have a business offering services, all you have to do is, once the project is finished, do a little follow up with the client and ask them directly what they liked most about the service and what they liked the least. In my opinion as a Web and Digital Marketing Agency, I like to speak face to face with clients, so I don't recommend doing it via email if you can help it, because they often see the email and forget to respond. Nonetheless, by listening to them and seeing them (observing their body language), you can understand their tone, their emotion and other details that are impossible to perceive by email.

qué piensan tus clientes de tu marca

This input is priceless to optimise your processes. And the simple act of asking the client their opinion already makes them more loyal just for thinking of them..


Make a client satisfaction survey

If you have a large database of clients, such as a restaurant or online shop, I'd recommend sending periodical satisfaction surveys to your new customers. For this case we wrote an article that explains step by step how to create effective satisfaction surveys with Google Drive. We have implemented this strategy many times with our Restaurant Marketing projects and have had very nice results.

haz encuestas de satisfaccion con google form

Sending satisfaction surveys is a great way to understand and evaluate what your clients like.

These formulas we are proposing are very easy to implement and the best thing about it is that it's a free form of communication.



Measure and monitor opinions from social channels

In this case I'm going to mention some useful tools to measure your online reputation, know what your potential clients are talking about and track trends.

Social Mention: A web app that works as a search engine and allows you to monitor or track opinions, mentions and reviews people have left about your business in over 80 channels and social networks, in real time. Among these networks are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Google...


social mention


TwazzupAnother free app that lets you track what people think about you, but directly on Twitter. Very interesting for analysing and following up within this network.



Google Alerts: A free app by Google that, just as the name states, sends you alerts when Google indexes any information related to a name or keywork you have selected to be alerted about. It is very easy to use and very useful.

google alerts


I hope I've helped you. See you next time.

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