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8 tips to improve the product listings in your online shop

Written by: Monica McCoy

How can I improve the product listings in my online shop? The answer to your question depends on the type of product, sector and target audience.

The design and positioning of your site is important, but today we're focusing on the product listing. When optimised a good product listing can be the quickest way to boost your sales. This can improve your site's indexation in Google and thus boost your brand's visibility.

You should keep in mind the factors that influence optimisation. We've detailed the factors that you can control on your own to get the best results.

8 tips to improve your online shop product listings

1. Copywriting for product listings 

Copywriting for product listings is a true art. Writing original content has three benefits:

  1. When done right, a product listing that is written in a funny and personal way has a positive impact on the user. The content might even provoke an emotional reaction from the user and this reaction can encourage them to buy the product.
  2. By writing in an original way, you avoid writing duplicated content, which Google penalises. So, well written content can also boost your positioning in Google.
  3. Once you find what kind of copywriting works, it's hard to copy because it's unique.

When you start writing it's important to note the importance of writing extended content.

By including a brief description with some of your main keywords, you can make it easier for users to find your products in search engines. Once they are in your online shop, make the product titles straightforward, while giving them a touch of personality. Users shouldn't need to click on each product listing to see understand its unique features. Then they can "read more" or "expand" to see the full description. In the full description you should include additional unique content. This increases the amount of content Google indexes from your website. Make sure to include keywords that will favour your positioning in the long run. Keep things light and fun to avoid repetitive or boring text.


MrWonderful product listings in your online shop

2. Quality images

Quality images sell, period. Sometimes the smallest detail in a photo can mark the difference. Let the users eat with their eyes, give them eye candy. This will provoke that emotional reaction you want to get from your users.

The brand, Lush, is a great example of a company that understands the importance of quality photos. The photos they show of their bath products literally look good enough to eat. Remember to tag your photos with the alt attribute. Including keywords in your images will favour your natural positioning.

Lush product listings in online shop

3. Include social network buttons

We feel comfortable doing what all our friends are doing, so when they recommend a product or share it on social media, we're more likely to check it out and buy it. This is why it's important to include social network buttons, such as Facebook and Twitter. Let your users share their purchases of your products with their friends. We call this Social SEO. You optimise your reach through social media. You can also include a hashtag you'd like users to use. This will boost your visibility in social media as well, because when someone searches that hashtag they will find your products.

Nona Bruna online shop product listing social media

4. Optimise the CTA 

The Call To Action (CTA) refers to the button that provokes the user to take action. For example, "Buy now" or "Read more". These are the variables that affect your CTA:

  • Design of the button
  • Content on the button
  • Position and size of the button on the page
  • Number of buttons

Even the most brief message can create a sense of urgency to provoke action from your users. Place the button in a highly visible spot on your page. Write a short and clear message. It helps to add a visual effect when you scroll over the button to make it even more clear that it's a button. The visual effect could be that the colour changes slightly or it becomes 3D or that it changes size. The options are endless, but remember that less is more. Test the button in different formats and positions to see which one gives you best results.

Gary Mash online shop product listing CTA

5. Grow your email list

Notify users when a product is back in stock. When they reach a product listing and see it's out of stock, let them leave their email to be notified when it's back in stock. Offering this option will not only help gain a new loyal customer but also boost your mailing list.

6. Take care of your SEO

Before convincing your potential clients to buy from your online shop they must be able to find you. Write all your content with your keywords in mind. Use synonyms and related terms and include them in the text, titles, URL and meta description.

Use URLs that are Google friendly and compatible with your target users' interests. The URL of each product listing should reflect the product itself. Structure the content in your online shop with categories, subcategories, product names, variables (colour, size, etc).

Users love video. Include a demo video that explains the products in a unique way that no one else can easily copy. Tutorial style videos work great and generate trust in your brand, thus encouraging users to buy your products.

7. UX: Improve the user experience 

The user experience is a big factor that we've been talking about throughout this post. One thing to keep in mind is to create an organised hierarchy in your shop. Include breadcrumbs to improve the SEO and user experience. Breadcrumbs are links that allow users to navigate backward or forward, for example: Products > Shirts > Men's > Blue

Search engines identify this navigation hierarchy and understand what are the categories and product listings.

Nukak online shop breadcrumbs

8. Take advantage of cross-selling up-selling

Boost the value of each shopping cart by recommending related products that compliment the user's current purchase selection. You can also show them alternative products that might interest them. Include comments and recommendations from other users so that the user can make an educated decision. Products with ratings, particularly good ratings, generate more sales than those which have no ratings.

etsy reviews online shop product listing


Perfecting the product listings in your e-commerce can take some time and patience. An online shop isn't just a website with photos and a shopping cart. It requires dedication to achieve sales and a solid strategy to expand the online shop.

You'll see that product listings are never finished. You'll make adjustments, do A/B testing to see which style works best, include new features, new or better images, social media buttons and more. You can do it!

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